buddhafi… huh?

Joy! When it’s all said and done that’s what we’re seeking. There are many ways to wrap it up but in the end it’s the practical, easy to use, resilient sense of peace that fills that void within.

The truth! We don’t need to seek joy because it is always there in that exact spot that the void resides. The problem is that we have too much white noise jamming our joy signal. There’s the ‘I AM’ frequency that comes along first shortly after birth. Then the ‘You ‘, ‘Poo’, ‘yum’, and ‘thumb’ that follow closely behind. Believe it or not every time we made and make a distinction it’s like a magician’s slight of hand reaches into our joy space and alters our perception of what’s there.

Right you say, how about some proof. Well just think , what happens when you become totally immersed in the moment? Lost in the moment everything begins to melt away no past or future not even a present really, just the moment which somehow swallow time by the hour. It’s when, in the midst of this experience, we reach that level that we and the moment somehow meld that the magician’s slight of distinction vanishes and we know that sense of crystal clear joy that has always been there.

Then nature calls or the phone rings; the kids come home or the dog pukes and suddenly PRESTO the harmonics of life return and the void of white noise floods back in. For a while the memory of joy remains and it’s almost enough, we’re happy maybe even a little content if only in an agitated way but inevitably that also fades away and the vacuum called consumption, which is a by-product of distinctions, sucks us back into the habitable cycle of pseudo joy through satiation.

Nature will always call and dogs will always puke that’s not the cause for why we lose our interface with joy. That happens because we choose to be distracted. We let the constructs of time flood back in when faced with the mundane rather than view the experience in the same light as whatever it was we did to get to the moment in the first place.

Honing the ability to be present helps counter the knee jerk pull of distraction. Being present one chooses their reality each step along the way. Being present one can embrace true joy and stay with it. In this state the desire for stuff diminishes and you begin to see that practical, easy to use, resilient sense of peace that fills the void within.

That’s buddhafication!

2 Responses to “buddhafi… huh?”

  1. victoria Says:

    Thank you for correcting my blog.
    I made the corrections.
    I’ll let Felix know that the jade on window is real jade and the history behind it.
    I found out that you were a nun this morning because the professor said that you were in touch with him.I’m sorry and thank you for the warm welcome and making it my first experience.

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