January 12, 2010

In those clear unfettered moments when we are in sync with the world around us we can feel a sense of completeness that resonates joy. Although it is usually fleeting there is this awareness of an infinite unbounded connection between self an all else. No more the pull of this or that, instead we find that distinction in those brief moments of insight shrivels becoming less and less clear; less and less consuming; less and less and less.

Leaving the padded cell of self we instinctively know lessness of self and other and completely embrace it. Unfortunately those clear unfettered moments come along only sporadically at best. Often we miss them when they do come, but come they do.

There is a way however to not only recognize that pristine state but also to latch on to it, harnessing yourself to it (if you will) and making it the milieu of your life. As is always the case the steps are easier said than done but well worth the effort. Fortunately it’s not necessary to get it 100% right in this lifetime because there will be many rebirths to follow and even making a start is sure to improve one’s quality of life now.

In short the steps include:

  1. Do good deeds by(reduce) clearing away the clutter and not replacing it with more,(reuse) finding creative ways to problem solve without reaching for the plastic, (recycle) being responsible stewards of disposal.
  2. Speak good words by (reduce) setting aside time for silence,(reuse) passing along the wisdom you’ve received, (recycle) verifying what you’ve heard is what was actually said.
  3. Think good thoughts by(reduce) realizing that the things that are happening come from our past choices,(reuse) following after the lead of mentors,(recycle) freely passing what we know on to those who ask.

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