February 7, 2010

I’m still not sure what to think about the images I’ve included below. I’m told that these floating spheres are the essence of the Buddha. When a shrine is built to venerate him his essence appears. This phenomena can’t be seen with the naked eye however, only cameras capture it. I’ve even included some pictures taken outdoors (same camera) during the same time as the indoor photos were shot.

I was actually present in the space when some of these photos were taken and I know I wasn’t seeing what the camera captured. Anyway here they are. If anyone reads this and has any explanations or suggestions I’m all ears. I have to say however that I am leaning towards belief. PS I didn’t take any of these shots.


One Response to “Essence”

  1. Natali Says:

    Tthat’s beautiful, should be exciting experience, I would like to notify us previously each time there is a event of this kind, when the next opening of a shrine to have the opportunity to be there. I share the Buddhist philosophy and I did not know of this phenomenon. Thanks for this web page. Joy that I can communicate with a Buddhist nun.

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